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Half Cylinder with Knob (Keyless)

  • Operated by Key from outside & Knob from inside
  • Vertical INTERLOCKING THREE deadbolts made from tough & special high grade Zinc Alloy provide high strength
  • Strongest Interlocking breaking load capacity
  • Strong Corrosion Proof Mazak Die cast Lock Body
  • Armored INTERLOCKING receptacle
  • Lock with in-built handle
  • Lock/Unlock Status Indicator
  • Antique Brass (AB) plating with electrophoretic lacquering for long life and durability
  • Satin Nickel (SN) PU coating for enhanced aesthetics.
  • Premium finishes with textured Dual Tone
  • Latest 3rd Generation Locking Cylinder Technology. 29 mm Diameter 3 axis pin cylinder with 14 pin ultra dimple key. Two LED Key for night vision
  • Keys are UNPICKABLE and impossible to DUPLICATE. Over 1 million combinations
  • Main Entrance door in residence/institutions
  • 30 to 90 mm thick left and right hand doors
  • Suitable for Inside Opening Main Doors & Ideal for Double Leaf & Sliding Doors
Code Size Features Security Pcs/Carton
241 30+10mm One Side
Knob & One
Side Coin Half
6 Pin
Cylinder with
5 Computer
242 35+10mm 50
243 40+10mm 50